Saturday, March 3, 2012

White Balance Practice

This newest lesson from It's Overflowing is on White Balance.  This has to do with balancing out the adjustments that your camera makes for different types of light.  I had absolutely no idea what this meant and was so scared of White Balance you would have thought it was a snake or something.  To me, it was completely out of my depth and too technical.  However, thanks to Aimee and Stud, I think that I understand.  The different White Balance modes help warm up or cool down the light in your photos and helps you cope with less than ideal lighting conditions.  I'm hoping that this will help take out those grays that I always get on a cloudy day!  Now if I can just remember to reset the WB each time.  That will be the true challenge!
There are a few settings:  auto, daylight, shade, cloudy, tungsten light , white fluorescent light and flash.  There is also a setting for you to do your own white balance, but that wasn't the focus of the lesson.
Below are a sampling of the above settings.  I took them in the Batcave and they are all done on manual {f 1.8} {1/50} {ISO 200}.  It was about 4:15 or so in the afternoon on a cloudy day.  The Batcave has two windows and the brushes are in the middle of the room on my art table.  There was an overhead lamp on over the table with a regular tungsten bulb in it.  It is cool to see the differences.

Even though this was taken in the flash WB mode, my flash did
not fire.