Saturday, April 14, 2012

One More in the Works

Sneak peak of Wind Swept Hair Girl.  Forgive the picture.  I'm still not good at these close ups.  I set the F stop at 3.2 to let in more light, so her face isn't very focused, but you get the idea.

Two New Girls

   Hey!  I hope that you all had a great week.  I finished my Texture Hair Girl (my name for her).  The pics are below.  She is pretty cute.  I think what I like best about her are the colors and the stenciled hair.  Love that!  Her hair is a bit too shaped, but I am still learning and should improve with more practice.

The next girl's hair was stamped with a word stamp and I love the effect.  I added some colors into her hair that I didn't like and then I had to go back with some water to get it out.  That took away some of the texture, but you can still see it.  I call this one Bow Girl.  I am in love with my mum stencil (red paint).  The background is pretty much all sprays (glimmer mist, Mr. Huey's) which I then had to 'fix'.  I added the mums in red spray and then 'fixed' that also.  Just an FYI, if you don't 'fix' the sprays they will move on you as they aren't permanent.  Her bow is made with some sort of iridescent netting that I had on hand from another project.  I thought that she needed something to brighten up the place a bit and then that led to the words.  Funny how this works sometimes.  I added some paint to the edges of the picture as I thought that it looked too dark.  I'm not entirely pleased, but it will do.  I personally think that her bun is taking over the world, but that is duly noted for the next time that I do a messy bun!  I do like the shading on her face.  I got something right, I think.
Bow Girl

I am taking this class from Christy Tomlinson .  Her web is to the right (Scarlet Lime) and she teaches online mixed media classes.  I won't say how many I am currently involved in or you all will tell my hubby and this is based on a need to know basis.  He doesn't need to know.  If you are ready to make some art, take her classes.  They are fab.  Be aware.  They are highly addicting.

She is finished.
The flowers are made with paper.

The white dots are done with a stencil and paint.

My mum stencil is so cool
The white swirlies were done with a stencil.
When the going gets rough she puts a bow in her hair and
dances in the rain.  I will try and live up to this.

Monday, April 9, 2012

So Busy

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have posted on my blog.  I guess taking a vacay really set me back.  But it was so much fun.  I will blog later about my trip.  I love Phoenix!

I am starting a new girl and wanted to post a little (very little) sneak peak.  She is very rough, but the point is to learn some new techniques.

The hair's the thing!  That is light modeling paste mixed with brown paint and applied over a stencil.  I saw this on the video and couldn't wait to try it!

More later.