Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nervous Mommy

My kids love to live in the danger zone.  Alaska Girl lived in a resort town full of bears and avalanches. Computer Boy has been through two hurricanes.  Swim Girl has been through a couple of earthquakes, a hurricane and now lives right smack in the middle of Tornado Alley.

I swear they do this to me on purpose.

I am posting some pictures of the area where Swim Girl is now living.  A couple of years back a nasty tornado tore through town...literally.  They are rebuilding and moving on from the tragedy.  They still don't have a real grocery store (pretty much just Super WalMart and Super Target) but word on the street is that a couple are coming on soon.  There are still no big trees in the area and it is devastatingly obvious the path the storm took, but things are moving right along.  New housing, new businesses, empty lots ready to go...all signs that this city is rebuilding itself.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Washington, IL and other areas that were hit hard by the recent tornadoes.  May your recovery be swift and your miracles be many.

New apartment housing that is starting to rent in the area.

A view of the new high school area.  Note the large trees in
the distance.

A closer view of the new building.

I was told this Walgreen was rebuilt and
opened 31 days after the storm.

While I am not sure of the significance
of this birdhouse tree (no one could
tell me), it is one of the few remaining
large trees in the storm area. 

This lone painted tree was one we passed
many times. Another reminder
of the power of Nature.  It is stripped of it's bark and I assume that
it is dead.  But the tree is still standing and
some think it is beautiful.  It is
the tallest natural thing that you can see.