Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Moving On

With her grandfather.
It seems that our lives are constantly changing where our children are concerned.  We have been blessed to have both of our girls return home (literally) in the last couple of years.

Perhaps you remember that Swim Girl left the nest again last November to volunteer with Americorps/Vista. We have missed her, but since she is fairly close we have been able to connect several times.

Now it is Alaska Girl's turn to attempt another flight.  She is headed out west.  In fact, she and her dad are on their way as I write this.  She has a new gig as a cellarer (cellarist?) at a brewery near Big Sky Country.  That's about 18 hours by car.

I know that you will find this hard to believe, but I didn't have to help with this one.  I didn't help load the car and I'm not driving anybody anywhere.  In fact, the only thing I did do is pick up a bicycle from her apartment.  I almost feel guilty.   Almost.

With her grandmother, AKA Wonder Woman.
Alaska Girl moved back home nearly 2 years ago and spent about 5 months living in her old room (that was enough).  She has moved around in the immediate area since then.  We didn't see her a lot, mainly because she was working upwards of 50 hours a week; but, she would text or call every few days, so we knew what she was doing most of the time.  She found her own set of friends and wound up having a pretty great time, even though it was 'back home...ugh'.

With her Uncle Joe and Jim.
This child prefers to live her own adventurous, eclectic life with minimal parental input and that's okay.  She is comfortable wearing old clothes from the local thrift store, Xtratuf boots and loves to spend her time outdoors, even in winter.  She did not get those traits from me.
With her Uncle Dave
We will miss her.  She came over for dinner a lot.  She laid on our couch a lot, usually with a computer in hand.  My water bill will go down. Yup, laundry.  I will miss her staying with me on those few occasions when her dad was out of town.  I am a wimp.  We will miss her helping out in the kitchen or helping with a chore.

We will miss the Little Dude.  Rach is going with her.
With her Aunt Julie, TFIOS Addict and Ann.

So, to my daughter..." I wish all possible success. You deserve it.  Work hard, play hard and do your best.  I hope you love it so that we can come out for vacation next summer.  Now, I have to go clean your room."

And just in case you all were feeling sorry for me not getting to help her move, don't worry. Swim Girl is moving back in a couple of weeks.  I know I can't get out of that one.

Not the best of Alaska Girl, but you gotta love Rach.

Rach, Alaska Girl and Swim Girl

Obviously he is thrilled with the accommodations.