Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finished mom's gift!

 Here is the final product.  It's a gift for my mom.  The last pic is the inspiration for her look.
Can you say saddle shoes and bobby socks??

Mom had super short curly hair.  It was so hard to get right.  Not quite there I don't think.

All dressed up and ready to go to STL.
This was taken for my dad.  I think that she sent it to him while he was in the service.  I am sure that it was taken in Forest Park.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More canvases, part 3

Okay.  Here are a couple of teasers for you. 

This is the face of the original girl that I made for mom.  I love her white bird rub-on and her bouffant 50's 60's retro do.

Okay.  This looks really weird, but it is a landscape type view of the girl's dress.  Very dimensional involving lots of mod podge and yummy, messy hands!

The face of my latest girl.  She is a kickin' redhead!!

More canvases, part 2

Okay.  The theme for this canvas is vintage memorabilia that is personal to you.  I made a girl for my mom's bday (so I thought) and then I had this lesson and this will be hers.  The canvas is copies of things that I have of my mom's.  I then kind of 'whitewashed' the whole thing with Tattered Angels, wet brushed that, then kind of washed it off.  It still left a brownish tint which is what I wanted.  I dry brushed the edges and randomly through the finished background.  I will finish this one this weekend.
This is nearly the whole canvas.  I love my new typewriter stamp!!!  

The 'passport' is another roller stamp  The blue chicken wire looking thing is actually blue paint on the bottom of a spring basket that I cut up.  I got it at the dollar store and it so looks like chicken wire.  The background is a recipe in my grandmother's handwriting.  Thought that mom would like that.

This background is my great grandfather's conductor's pass that I found.  It's from 1922.

Okay, this is funny.  The blue background is a copy of my mom's college 3-ring binder cover.  I can't believe I have that.  She wrote Carl Edward Day all over it (dad's name).  I think he was all she was thinking about.  He was at Ft. Leonard Wood at the time.

Note the Fort Leonard Wood stationary.  Here you can see the remnants of the mist I used.

The top document is a copy of the letter dad sent to mom.  I have all of his love letters to her from when he was in the service.  She gave them to me for some reason.  Okay now I am not going to read them because I tried at it grossed me out.  Yuck.  Some things aren't meant to be shared.

More canvases (is that a word?)

Okay.  I am posting a few pics of a couple of my newer canvases.  This first one I made for Lauren.

This is the finished product that I sent up to Alaska since Lauren was going to be there for her bday!  She is an OC beach girl so that was the inspiration for the girl.  Can you see the sand castle, shells, starfish and dolphins??

Now how did that get in here???  Oh well.  Total concentration on that lady bug.

We learned how to do backgrounds in this lesson.  The teacher did grass and sky, but I did it differently due to Lauren.  Note the headband.  I think that was my favorite part.  And the pillow ticking stamp is one of my favs!

I am having a love affair with rub ons!  Especially white ones like the zig zag stitching on the dress!  The white paint is both positive and negative effects using punchinella which is the backing from sequins.  I know, weird.

Well, I figured Lauren wears a lot of shorts!  The bumpy stuff is called glass beads and like gesso and modeling paste, you can add color to it.

I love her little top.  Happy Birthday, Lenny!