Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun Idea!

We did this at school today.  I have 5 year old boys (5 of them) and it was a blast.  It is a Santa Count Down to Christmas.  You snip off a section of his beard for each day closer.  Number from the bottom up.  I used my Cricut (Doodlecharms) to figure out the pattern.  Then I just wrote down numbers on return address labels.  That way the boys could just label each section of beard with their correct number.  Since I just saw this on Pinterest this morning and quickly did it for today, there were a couple of bugs.  I would definitely write the corresponding number on each beard level and have them cover it with the correct number sticker.  That was probably the main thing I would do differently.  It was fun and the boys were very proud of them.  They can't wait to start cutting off his beard.  I was very careful to remind them to ask permission to use the scissors.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Snickers Salad

Lauren wants to make this for her Thanksgiving dinner.  Enjoy!


Julie got this salad recipe from Diane Moran, Emma’s mom.  I lost it a couple of times and she had to keep getting it for me.  We have this at Thanksgiving.

1 small package French vanilla instant pudding
1 cup milk
8 oz container of Cool Whip
4 Granny Smith apples, chopped
3 Snickers Bars, chopped

Mix together pudding and milk, add Cool Whip.  Just before serving, add cut up apples and cup up candy bars.  Mix well.

-This is best if you can serve it all at one sitting.  It can get a little soggy otherwise.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Altered Art Baby Book

Okay.  I gave my friend, Kelly, her gift last Saturday and now I can put up the pics.  Beware!  There are several.  I did a lot of pages for her, so there was a lot to document.  I tried to choose the most interesting ones.  I used a regular art journal and modge podged 3 pages together for each 'page'.  That helped to give the pages more strength for all of the ephemera that I added.  Most pages are also gessoed so that the paints will go on more smoothly and will be more vivid.  I used a lot of PanPastels, cheap acrylic paints, Claudine Helmuth (love), sprays and alcohol inks.  Most of the papers are the 6 x 6 type as the prints are smaller.  Roller stamps, tons of rub-ons, image name it, I tried it.  One of my most favorite effects is the striping I did for the shopping page.  It's definitely bold!  I hope that you enjoy these pics.  There are quite a few.

I love the little piece of tape (dots) from 7 Gypsies.  This is part of the cover.

The picture on the right is an image transfer.  The word 'home' and the white flower are actually stickers that I Modge Podged over to make certain they adhered!

Spec is their dog!

Probably one of my fav techniques!  I love alcohol ink on gesso.

Ok, the picture that I put on the left page is actually from the Crate and Barrel catalogue.

Image transfer of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  I would have liked it to be brighter, but I didn't let the ink dry long enough. You have to jump through some hoops to flip the words for Word.  This page also has glow in the dark paint on it.

Star punchinells (sequin waste) that I got from a cool little website called Sky Blue Pink
Yeah.  Another use for the Apothecary Emporium papers from Echo Park.  You will prolly see these again.

Love this harlequin stencil from Crafter's Workshop.

Couldn't help myself.  She loves the movies too.

Loved that I could use my new music roller stamp.

Burlap on the circle.  I Modge Podged twine around it.  The background paper is tissue paper from 7 Gypsies.

Yeah.  They are from Michigan, but live here and attend as many games as they can.  The big letters are colored modeling paste.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know that I promised you guys a Christmas list, so here it is.  I don't really ever care if I get what's on the list.  You guys know that.  Just having you here is the best.
1.  The only thing I really want is an Ipad and a card reader for it.  I do so much work in the living room for school that I am getting tired of hauling my computer up and down all of the time.  Not that it is exhausting, but then I have to do the cord, etc and it is annoying.  I also do worry about dropping the darn thing since I am so not coordinated.  With an Ipad, I could just leave the computer upstairs and work off of the tablet in the LR.  I am seriously on it about 2 hours a night or more posting, looking for ideas, etc.
2.  Long necklaces that are cool.  Silver, gold, whatever.  Don't care.  I like cool stuff, not old lady stuff.  JJill has some really cool ones this season.
3.  Wrist band type bracelets.  The kind that snap and have rivets, bolts, bling.  Any color or metal color.  Don't care.  They have cool ones at The Buckle that I like.  I also like ropey kind of leather bracelets.
4.  Breaking Dawn CD.  I will most likely download the music next week, but I want the CD for the car as I don't always use my touch there.
5.  Any movies you think I will like.  I don't have some of the HP's on DVD.  In fact, I'm not sure that I have any of the on DVD, just video.  I haven't seen the last one at all.
6.  Gift cert from Amazon for my Kindle which I adore!!!!
7.  Cool art stuff like neat paints, brushes, etc.  Julie Anne would know more of what I am using.  I don't have a good watercolor pencil set.  I like the Neo color crayons and PanPastels.  I have some of those but not a lot.  I also would love to have some Shiva paintsticks.  They are oil paints in a stick form.  Don't have any of those.  Could always use a small palette as I the one I use is always a mess.
8.  Cool music you think I would like.
9.  SD cards of 4 gb or more.  I never delete my pics, just save my cards.
10.  There is a cool product called Picture Keeper that is a memory stick for pics.  One of those would be amazing.  They can be pricey though.
11.  Patagonia capilene.  I have been sleeping in one of the long sleeve level 3 shirts and it is pretty much keeping me warm.  Size L, crew neck, any color, I have black.  I like it all so any would be appreciated as that is the only piece that I have.
12.  Anything from Active Endeavors that would keep me warm.  My thermostat is way off since surgery and I am suffering already!
13.  An alarm clock for iTouch.  Wouldn't mind something for the living room for music as I don't always like to watch tv and I won't wear my headphones all the time.  I think that HyVee has a cool tower for Ipod.
14.  Okay, as usual I have to put on a digital SLR camera like a Nikon or Canon.  I really want to learn to take better pics, especially since I am taking so many for my blogs now.

That's all I can think of right now.  I am pretty basic on my likes and stuff.  If I think of anything else, I will let you know on here.  I will get dad to give me a list.