Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's An Emergency! (sort of)

Today is Saturday.  The Saturday before Christmas.  Rach had spent the night with friends of Alaska Girl and the kitties were in heaven because they could sleep with their people again.  So much so that even the Diva herself (Skittles) deigned to sleep on the bed. (Actually, they both slept on me for most of the night.  I'm not complaining, but they get heavy.)

I got up a little later than normal (around 7 a.m.) and worked out.  I was just settling down to my favorite Saturday morning breakfast of cereal straight out of the box (yes, I am still 10) when the phone rang.  It was Alaska Girl saying that a really annoying thing had happened.  I guessed that she had locked her keys in the Rach-Mobile (our old van).

She said that was correct but please listen to how it happened.  Ok, I'm game.

It seems that she had gone outside to start the Rach-Mobile.

Here is the Rach-Mobile in all it's 140,000+ miles of glory.

She had placed the Rach inside the running Rach-Mobile.

Here is the Rach with Computer Boy.

The Rach-Mobile has automatic door locks controlled by a master control.




That's it.  You've got it.  The Rach locked up the car while it was running and she was outside.  Being the great mom that I am, I left with the spare key and rescued her dog.  I had a lovely chat with Ballerina Girl and her mom while I was there.  And all of this before breakfast.  

And now for your enjoyment a couple of pics of Rach in action.  

Go for launch.

Take off!

Got it!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

We Bought a Zoo?

I don't know if we really bought a zoo, but we have inherited one.  By default.

We have 2 cats:  Pluto and Skittles.  Their many exploits have been published on this blog and on Facebook.  In August, Swim Girl brought her cat, The Squirt, home with her.  You will recall that there was enormous opposition from the two and that resulted in using feline pheremone diffusers to help calm them all down.  Skittles still hisses at Swim Girl, but the knock down, drag out fights have ended.  There is just hissing and spitting and chasing.

Just when we were getting used to being a TCH (Three Cat Household), we got a phone call from Alaska Girl.  She needed to move home.  With her dog.  Her 60 pound dog.  The one who chases bears up trees.  And chases moose.  And lynx.  And anything with fur.  Anywhere.  No matter what is in his way.  Like, oh, say tables and chairs.  Sigh.

We are now a TCHplusOD (Three Cat Household plus One Dog).  His name is Rachmaninoff or Rach (pronounced Rock) for short.  He is a Karelian Bear Dog .  Now if you go to this link and read about this dog, you will see that he needs several HOURS of exercise a day.  WTF?  We don't have several hours to work a dog.  Nor do we have the acres of land that they prefer.

Rach is a beautiful, well behaved dog.  Unless he thinks there is a squirrel or a rabbit around.  Or a cat.  Or maybe, three cats.  He will stop at nothing to get at what he thinks he needs to get.  If there is a rabbit outside and it hops away, he quickly races to a different window to follow the rabbit's progress.

The same general principal works with the cats.  The only problem with all of this is that he has a complete disregard for things like furniture, Christmas trees, plants, people, windows, screens, shelves full of glassware; you know, anything.  He jumped the couch in the first few seconds that he was in our home.

Pluto and Skittles now reside in the basement.  They are allowed out when Rach is gone.  The Squirt can come out too.  She now chases Pluto, but Skittles still owns her.  Rach has a screw in thing with a chain in the yard.  He still gets loose sometimes.  He has a Husky buddy across the street and they wrestle around at least once a day.  Then he comes home with Husky goober all over his neck.  Yecch.  Alaska Girl takes him to the dog park at least once a day.  We all try to walk him.  He is completely obsessed with the squirrels around here.  Basically it is like a dog with OCD.  Gives a new meaning to the phrase, "Squirrel!"

Despite all of this, I am happy to report that our yard is bear, moose and lynx free.

This is the King of the Couch.  His main position for guarding us from the fierce creatures in our yard.

 Ears up!  High alert!

Such a pretty boy!

The Squirt is attacking my tree!  Brat.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Calling Cards and Christmas Preparations

So the other day I went outside my door and there, right by the stoop, was this tasty little tidbit.  

Now, our cats are indoor cats.  But I believe this is a little calling card from the local neighborhood wanderer.  I think he figured out that there are three lady cats living here and he wants to date them.  As the mom, I am not impressed.  We think it's a shrew.

I swear, this is not my house.  I would never do this.  I couldn't resist a picture though.

Skittles already looks guilty and we hadn't even started decorating when I took this picture.  I think she is practicing her nonchalant look.  Little does she know that her life is about to change in a major way once again.

A picture of innocence is The Squirt.  She is a trickster and chewed through Swim Girl's shoelace today.  Brat.

My big, ginormous project arrived and it looks pretty good.  I am so relieved.  There are a couple of mistakes, but live and learn.  I promise to share after Christmas.

I will be posting some very cool Christmas decoration pictures soon.  That will be as soon as I read all of those Pins about taking great Christmas pictures.  So maybe expect them in January?

Enjoy the shopping days that you have left.  I'll be back soon.